Welcome to your world of dream conscious where we find the meaning of dreams by sharing our dreams for both entertainment and enlightenment.

Why do we dream? What does my dream mean? Are dreams simply a biological mechanism to keep the brain alert and active as we sleep?

Do we live simultaneously in many separate physical dimensions and our dreams are a glimpse into those other worlds that we individually coexist?

What impact do our life experiences have on what we dream and why does so many of our dreams seem to have no practical relevance to what we have experienced thus far in our lives?

Can dreams be transmitted from one person to the next by mental telepathy or some other type of thought transference?


Why are some dreams remembered and others are quickly forgotten as soon as we awaken?

We as a cohesive unit will try to unravel and decipher these and many other dreams conscious questions so that we may gain a clearer comprehension and perception of just who we are and why in the universe it even matters that we should have this in-depth awareness of ourselves.

Share your dreams with us as we will share ours with you.

Within the misty haze of dreams, we can find common denominators that will prove of benefit to our understanding of ourselves and of others as well as our understanding of the planet Earth and the Universe that sustains and house us.


We all dream during the night or during the day. Dreams are not disembodied aberrations or a brief hallucination.

Our dreams are messages that are trying to convey something to us. Let’s get down to the root of our dreams and find out their hidden messages.

Our dreams are telling us something from our life experiences and our hopes and desires that will change our perceptions of life and how we are defining ourselves.

Sharing our dreams with others is a way of thinking out of the box and exploring new avenues in our belief system that can only education and enlighten us about ourselves, the world in which we live, and other people.

Let’s share and examine our dreams and discover ourselves through them.

Dreams A Zillion

We are living half or more of our lives during our sleeping hours. We call this portion of our daily lives, dreams. Do you know that you can manage this portion of your life just as you can your awakened hours?

Don’t be unsettled by your nightmares, share them with us and together we will uncover what they are telling you about you. Dreams can be an affluent portal to the inner person. Our dreams reveal the sub-conscious mind giving us insights as to why we think and behave as we do.

Our dreams are an investigative study into ourselves as they are coded messages intended to elevate our person to a higher level of conscious awareness.

Dreams only have value if wisely interpreted. They are like a pane of glass covered by fog. Most do not make any sense as they are so vague and abstract. But admit this haziness there is substance and function embedded within our dreams

To accurately interpret a person’s dreams there should be a collective body with different inputs. So let’s share our dreams and see if we can get to the root of them together.


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