About Us

Our Approach

The purpose of DreamMeta is to analyze a dreams from various vantage points, backgrounds, viewpoints, and personalities to find the true meaning behind them. Everyone participating in the dream decoding processes benefits because we all learn something about ourselves as a byproduct of helping others.

By sharing our dreams everyone participating in this dream forum moves to a broader and higher state of self-awareness and the cognitive powers of all climbs to another notch on the human evolutionary scale.

In ancient times, human beings used far more than ten percent of their brain matter than modern humans do. The ancient ones were more in harmony with the celestial. By understanding the hidden meanings and the form functions that are being conveyed by our dreams, we become more connected to crystal wisdom.

By sharing our dreams with others the electrons in our entire body, especially in our brain, become more energized. Our thinking processes become top-up. By sharing our dreams, hopes, and fears, we can break through the barrier of ten percent one fully charged brain cell at a time. We become like the ancient ones in our cohesion and understanding of the Universe. We advance to a higher state of cerebral being.

This we do as a colony of dream interpreters exploring and revealing among ourselves and finding answers to the riddles grafted within our dreams.

There are dreams that are somewhat perplexing, often having a link to our life experiences, our aspiration, our drives, our fears, and stumbling blocks. Not all dreams are an enigma. The puzzlement is knowing how to make your best dreams come true in your everyday life.

We at the Bestowing-Life family (Bestowing Life Home, Radiance In Reading, lucid shopping, and of course, dreamShare), along with our members and guess, are here to help ourselves and you find the meaning of your/our dreams. Happy Dreaming.

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