Dream Consciousness


The world of dream consciousness

Welcome to your world of dream consciousness where we share our dreams for both entertainment and enlightenment. Why do we dream? Is it simply a biological mechanism to keep the brain alert and active as we sleep? Do we live simultaneously in many separate physical dimensions and our dreams are a glimpse into those other worlds that we coexist? 

What impact do our life experiences have on what we dream and why does so many of our dreams seem to have no practical relevance to what we have experienced thus far in our lives? Can dreams be transmitted from one person to the next by mental telepathy or some other type of thought transference? Why are some dreams remembered and others are quickly forgotten as soon as we awaken? 

Clearer comprehensive understanding of our dreams

We will endeavor to unravel and decipher these and many other dream conscious questions as a cohesive unit so that we may gain a clearer comprehension and perception of just who we are and why it matters that we should have this in-depth awareness of ourselves. 

Share your dreams with us as we will share ours with you. Within the misty haze of dreams, we can find common denominators that will prove of benefit to our understanding of ourselves and of others as well as our understanding of the planet Earth and the Universe that sustains us. 

Not in a disembodied spirits

Some dreams make absolutely no sense, but that is because we have not found the appropriate keys of discernment to unlock them so that we may comprehend their message and hidden meaning. Our dreams are not in a disembodied vacuum. They are not momentary episodes of escapism. Our dreams are multifunctional and multidimensional tools having both a biological and educational purpose.

Our dreams connect us to the cosmic database of eternal knowledge and gives us insights into ourselves. We can, and should, share our dreams with each other to open doors of personal growth and understanding, to find hidden knowledge, solve perplexing riddles, entertain our imaginations, explore our lives as we are concurrently living them in this and other orbs and spears of realities.  

Dream explorers

As interconnected dream explorers we will learn how to control and manipulate our dreams as they are broadcast to us as we sleep or daydream. We will examine those dreams that are relevant to our life which can be productively integrated into our thinking and behavior. 

Expand our self-awareness

Good, bad, mediocre, trivial. Give us your dreams and we will give you ours and we shall see what illuminations will come of them. Dreams, being the nature that they are, if you can only express your dreams in drawings and pictures, we will love for you to share them with us as visual aids will give more clarity and structure to the sometimes haphazard and inconsistent nature of dreams. Enough said, let us share our dreams and expand our self-awareness and cognitive powers. 

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