T1: And so, it is that we have done and have said things that will never disappear.
T2: And we regret, and we wish, knowing all the while that there is no real substance in doing this.
T3: Water and dirt are only here for an instant.
T4: And the moments that come and the moments that go will tell their unique stories.
T5: The vacuum of times and motions obliterates every substance.
T6: As days and nights fade into twilight, and the epoch of existence continues its eternal flight.
T7: What effect does a terrestrial’s life have on anything within the expanse?
T8: And so, it is that we look backward, and we gaze forward.
T9: And all our visions become unimportant as aging distorts us.
T10: When in the span of a single instant, the present comes to its end.
T11: And our NOW gives’ up its focus.
T12: Yet we know that there is life beyond life and that death will relinquish itself.
T13: And in the dimensions called the other side.
T14: There is much living and loving to give and to share.
T15: So, we move on, knowing that within the vastness, a prize of peace will be our fulfillment.
T16: So, we ever strive to progress and redeploy our status queue and redefine our mission and purpose.
T17: We grope within this sphere called here and flounder within the conduits of our minds.
T18: We find comfort by reassuring ourselves that our time on Earth is not in vain.
T19: As Lights and Reflections tenderly embrace us within its warmth.
T20: And so, it is that we yearn to touch that special someone.
T21: And in the touching, we know that we are never alone.

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